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Equarium® benefits

The must-have equine management system for today's horse owners - discover the wide range of benefits and uses, from drying and clipping to foaling and therapy.

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After its success as supplier to the Olympic Games, Equine SunSwitch has secured the equally prestigious Asian Games contract for 2014.

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Solarium FAQs

Are patio heaters safe to use on my horse? Is a canopy solarium waterproof? See this and other useful info in our Solarium FAQs.

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About Us

Equarium ® Solariums are designed and produced by Equine SunSwitch, a division of Trading Standards approved company, SunSwitch Ltd. Meet the Equine SunSwitch Team.

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Team kit


Stand out with our quality team kit for horse and rider.

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Why is an Equarium® the best solarium for my horse?How does shortwave infrared benefit horses and ponies?Who is using Equine SunSwitch Equarium® Solariums?


Why is Equine SunSwitch heat so comfortable?
Equine SunSwitch infrared is absorbed directly into your horse's skin tissue, warming it in exactly the same way that the sun does, and it feels every bit as natural, healthy and comfortable.

What are the therapeutic benefits?
The main benefits of infrared for equine heat therapy are based on increasing blood circulation through vasodilatory response. The flow of blood to skin and muscle tissue is increased, and there is an increased flow of toxins away from them. Warming the skin is also essential for the production of Vitamin D3 in the skin and other organs.

Is it safe for use around water?
All of our Equarium® horse solariums and stable heaters are electrically safe for use in wash boxes. If a wet horse shakes, the infrared emitters will not be affected by water splashes. The infrared emitters can even be rinsed clean.

Is a canopy solarium waterproof?
We are not aware of any canopy solariums that are waterproof either from a wet horse shaking, or from being splashed by a hose. This should be a point of concern.

What are the running costs like?
A stable heater left on low overnight will cost less than 2p an hour to run. An Equarium® is anything from 24p - 72p per hour when operating on full power. In reality it will be considerably less because in most circumstances your Equarium® will not be on the maximum setting.

Is an Equarium® easy to install?
In a word, yes! Each Equarium comes complete with mounting brackets, cables, junction boxes, cable clips etc to make life easy. Full installation instructions are included and may also be downloaded from this website. And there is always someone available from our Technical Department if further advice is required. Call 01424 883344

Can you clarify the electrical requirements?
Depending on the model, Equarium® horse solariums range in power rating from 2.6kW to 6kW. You can run appliances up to 3kW from a standard 13amp power socket or spur. Our bigger solariums can be run from two 13 amp spurs or power sockets. The Ascot and Goodwood solariums can be wired directly to normal domestic power supples, or alternatively, to the 3-Phase power supplies used in some larger yards.


Are patio heaters safe to use on my horse?
Possibly. But it would be better to use a product that is specifically designed for equine use. Patio heaters are designed to focus heat over large areas, and when used in the confines of a stable or solarium bay, the heat dispersion can be uneven with 'hot spots' that are uncomfortable and potentially unsafe for the horse. The frequency of infrared produced by our solariums and stable heaters has been optimised for absorption into skin and muscle tissue. The same cannot be said for patio heaters and other types of infrared heaters.

What is photic headshaking?
Misleading and unsubstantiated claims have been published on the internet by a company which sells patio heaters and hand dryers in a bid to enter the specialist equine solarium market. Photic head shaking is a neurological disorder in which horses toss their heads, rub their noses, and snort and/or sneeze for no obvious reason. The fact is, only a few cases of photic headshaking have ever been diagnosed worldwide. Nearly all of these have been treated successfully with cyproheptadine, a basic antihistamine. There have been never been any cases of photic head shaking linked to the use of equine solariums - or for that matter of equine solariums causing horses to sneeze.

OK, I'm convinced about the benefits, but what about after-sales back-up?
We are committed to supporting our customers long term. We carry a wide range of spare parts in stock for next day delivery. We also offer an inspection and repair service. Should a problem occur - and it would be unreasonable to say they never do - we will resolve it as rapidly as possible.

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