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Equarium® benefits

The must-have equine solarium for today's horse owners. Discover the wide range of benefits and uses - from drying and clipping - to foaling and therapy.

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Why Equarium® is the best horse solarium . . .

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How shortwave infrared benefits horses . . .


Who uses Equine SunSwitch solariums . . .


After its success as horse solarium supplier to the Olympic Games, Equine SunSwitch secured the equally prestigious Asian Games contract.

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Solarium FAQs

Are patio heaters safe to use on my horse? Is a canopy solarium waterproof? See this and other useful info in our Solarium FAQs.

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Equarium® - the must-have equine management system for today's horse owners

The extensive range of uses, from drying and clipping, to show preparation and therapy, make a SunSwitch Equarium® the must-have equine management system for today’s horse owners. The absence of a canopy provides a more horse-friendly way of delivering beneficial infrared, and permits easy access for the handler. No stocks are required. Can be located in an occupied stable.


Vet inspecting horse

Plaitting horse mane

Farrier attending horse

Work around your horse while it benefits from infrared therapy


General health
Horses show clear health benefits when exposed regularly to shortwave infrared. Stress levels are reduced, and mood is lifted. Skin and coat condition improves and it has been found to help clear sinus congestion.

Drying off
Some drying methods leave the horse's hair dry to the touch, but the skin still damp. This is not good if you intend to rug your horse straight afterwards. The unique wrap-around coverage of our Equarium® range of solariums, ensures rapid and thorough drying of the whole body and legs, in as little as 10 minutes. All our Equarium® solariums are safe for use in wet areas.

Fidgity or nervous horses visibly relax in the warmth of an Equarium® solarium. And it's so much easier to clip with the rug right off!

Pre-exercise warm-up
Horses prepared for exercise under shortwave infrared relax and start to warm up before they leave the yard. This shortens the ridden warm-up time and minimises any harmful effects of setting off with cold muscles, ligaments and tendons. Shown to increase stride-length. Very helpful with cold-backed horses.

Cool down
Rapidly disperses the lactic acid that builds up with strenuous or prolonged exercise. Dries at the same time. No need for a treadmill.

Show preparation
Using an Equarium® can accelerate the moulting process, and stimulate the natural oils in the skin to produce a glossier, smoother coat. Horses relax as they are washed, clipped, plaited and preened ready for showing.

Stressful procedures
The painful or frightening effects of shoeing, dentistry and veterinary procedures can be dramatically ameliorated when carried out under the relaxing effect of an Equarium®.

Easing muscles and sore backs
Short wavelength infrared emitted by all our Equarium® solariums is readily absorbed into the soft tissue, where it stimulates the circulation and relieves pain and tension. Unlike a canopy solarium there is ample space to massage the patient while it's receiving heat treatment. A valuable adjunct to physiotherapy.

Increased blood circulation in both mares and stallions can stimulate hormone production to the benefit of reproduction.

• Exactly the same short wavelength infrared heat is produced in our
stable heaters
which give gentle background warmth with a comforting low light output. They reduce the need to rug horses, saving laundry costs and time, and are safe to leave on overnight. Great for foaling and sick equines - and indeed great for all horses!







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