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Equarium® benefits

The must-have equine management system for today's horse owners - discover the wide range of benefits and uses, from drying and clipping to foaling and therapy.

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After its success as supplier to the Olympic Games, Equine SunSwitch has secured the equally prestigious Asian Games contract for 2014.

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Solarium FAQs

Are patio heaters safe to use on my horse? Is a canopy solarium waterproof? See this and other useful info in our Solarium FAQs.

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About Us

Equarium ® Solariums are designed and produced by Equine SunSwitch, a division of Trading Standards approved company, SunSwitch Ltd. Meet the Equine SunSwitch Team.

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Stand out with our quality team kit for horse and rider.

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Why is an Equarium® the best solarium for my horse?

Equine SunSwitch has developed Equarium®, a range of horse solariums to properly meet the needs of the horse and rider. Beneficial shortwave infrared technology is delivered in a way that is user-friendly, and less frightening and safer for the horse than traditional style canopy solarums. Furthermore, they are silent in use and fully watersafe.

Our solariums have found favour worldwide for over a decade, amongst leisure and competition riders alike. Clients include Olympic competitors from dressage and showjumping, as well as high profile racing and breeding yards.

Horse being groomed under solariumHorse friendly and versatile
Solariums that are lowered down over a horse’s back can be restrictive and frightening. Equarium® solariums are fixed to the walls, or may be suspended, but are at a safe distance, well away from the horse. So not only is an Equarium® solarium readily accepted by horses, it also allows access for treatment and handling.


Comparison of solarium coverageWrap-around coverage
Some drying methods leave the horse’s hair dry to the touch, but the skin, belly and legs remain damp. Incomplete drying is a source of several conditions, including chills and skin infections. Many solariums give patchy coverage, creating hot spots that are uncomfortable for the horse. The unique wrap-around coverage of our Equarium® solariums produces superior broad, even coverage, ensuring rapid and thorough drying of the whole body and legs in as little as 10-12 minutes. All are completely safe for use in wet areas.


WashboxSafety & Hygiene
Our Equarium® solariums have electrical ratings that demonstrate they are completely safe around water. Because they are watersafe, they can be rinsed off to maintain hygiene. This is particularly important when being used by multiple horses.



Vet checking horseAccess to horse for treatment, grooming and handling
With no canopy and the Equarium® set away from the horse, there’s plenty of room to access the horse while it’s drying off or receiving treatment. With an Equarium® solarium, beneficial infrared heat can be provided at the same time as physiotherapy. It is also perfect when clipping or getting the horse ready for exercise.

  • No blowersI Many solariums incorporate blowers to dissipate and regulate the heat, but they can also alarm the horse. Our Equarium® horse solariums do not need them, producing gentle even heat at a safe distance from the horse.
  • Adjustable heat output Equarium®heat output is fully adjustable, thanks to our own electronic controllers, and in most models, can be set to a different level on each side of the horse. This is useful to the handler if he/she is working on one side, or wants more heat on one area for therapy.
  • Session timing, auto turn-off The Ascot & Goodwood Equariums come with a smart keypad controller with built-in timer function. It allows the user to set a timed session, before turning itself off automatically. A ‘one touch’ memory function will repeat the last time and heat settings. This is particularly useful in busy yards.








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