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Horse stable heaters - warmth without rugging

Equarium® benefits

The must-have equine management system for today's horse owners - discover the wide range of benefits and uses, from drying and clipping to foaling and therapy.

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After its success as supplier to the Olympic Games, Equine SunSwitch has secured the equally prestigious Asian Games contract for 2014.

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Solarium FAQs

Are patio heaters safe to use on my horse? Is a canopy solarium waterproof? See this and other useful info in our Solarium FAQs.

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About Us

Equarium ® Solariums are designed and produced by Equine SunSwitch, a division of Trading Standards approved company, SunSwitch Ltd. Meet the Equine SunSwitch Team.

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Stand out with our quality team kit for horse and rider.

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Stable heater with EC1 variable controller. From under 2p per hour to run.
Keeps your horse warm in cold weather and promotes wellnessEC1 controller allows heat output to be adjusted to any desired level and eliminates energy wastage
For more information or fast, friendly advice, just ring 01424 883344.
  • Equine heater provides gentle background warmth and low light output.
  • Silent, safe and economical - from less than 2p an hour to run.
  • Reduces the need to rug, saving laundry costs and time
  • Safe to leave on overnight.
  • Boosts circulation benefitting general health, skin and coat condition.
  • Provides comfort and discreet observation for foaling or sick horses.
  • Relaxes and calms, especially good for box walkers or crib-biters.
  • Calms horse during stressful procedures such as shoeing, dentistry or clipping.

Stable heater x 1 with infrared output control

code: EQ-SS-SH1

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If you are looking for equine heaters, look no further! Equine SunSwitch BaskZone� stable heaters provide gentle background warmth and are perfectly safe to leave on overnight. BaskZone® stable heaters reduce the need to rug horses, improving coat condition, and saving time and laundry costs. They are a great form of heat for foaling mares and convalescent horses. The gentle light output allows discreet observation overnight, and the warmth produced is exactly like that of the sun, feeling natural and comforting.

Stable Heater 1 consists of a single Equine SunSwitch BaskZone� shortwave infrared heater with controller, to provide full heat adjustment for complete comfort, whatever the weather, and even overnight. The equine heater can be wall mounted or suspended and is suitable for use in most stables or loose boxes.

The aim is not to heat the whole stable. A cosy corner or basking zone is what horses like. So we recommend putting the stable heater on a side wall towards the back of the box. Horses will move into the basking zone for more warmth, and away to be cooler.

Launched in 2016, the BaskZone� infrared heater was developed by Equine SunSwitch specifically for use with horses. This innovative heater has a �Cool-Touch� casing, allowing you to adjust the angle during use if required. The front safety grille is removable for cleaning as necessary.

Key features

SplashproofSafe for use in stables or washboxes
Power rating1.5kW
Adjustable heat levelAdjustable heat level
Works from standard mainsWorks from standard mains
Replaceable elementReplaceable infrared element


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